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community services

From Jewish education to local kosher supervision, Chabad makes an observant Jewish life possible in Austin. Here is just some of what we provide the local Jewish community:

  • Shabbat Dinners Every Week and home delivery of Shabbat meals and visitation by UT students to shut-ins, senior citizens, and sick students
  • Seders during Pesach
  • Tefillin and other mitzvah instruction
  • A well-stocked Jewish Library
  • Kosher supervision, general kashrut information, instruction on how to keep kosher at home and at school, and help on kashering
  • A Mikve Taharah for brides and married women: for an appointment or a tour of our beautiful Mikva, please call Rochel at (512) 418-9770.
  • A Jewish gift shop: Mezuzot, yarmulkes, books, Chanukkah candles in season, and more!
  • A Jewish art calendar (to view a small image click here)

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jewish education by chabad

Local families have come to depend on Chabad of Austin to provide the in-depth, full-time Jewish education required for every Jewish boy and girl. Here is just some of what we provide:

  • Pre-School
  • Hebrew Academy Beis Menachem, Day School
  • Fabulous Gan Israel Day Camp. For a full report on one week from the camp, read the CGI Snoop!
  • Shofar Factory program
  • Model Matzoh Bakery
  • Purim Costume Party
  • Introduction to Sukkah

A Jewish day school is one of the most important vehicles for transmitting Jewish values, culture, and tradition to the next generation. Jewish schools are famous for their high standards: recently, two Chabad day schools, one in Pittsburgh PA, and one in Long Beach Ca., were awarded Blue Ribbon status for excellence. Bais Menachem Hebrew Academy of Austin offers a complete elementary school curriculum in addition to classes in Hebrew, Torah, and Chumash. An extensive pre-school program for children aged 2- 5 emphasizes the development of "readiness skills" in the context of singing, dancing, and game-playing. A low teacher-student ratio permits plenty of individual attention and allows for each child to move forward at his or her own pace.

If you are an Austin resident or are a prospective resident and need information on providing a Jewish education to your child, please contact Rochel Levertov, principal of Beis Menachem Hebrew Academy, at (512) 977-0770.

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outreach programs

Chabad of Austin is dedicated to reaching out to Jews everywhere to connect them to Yiddishkeit and Judaism. In addition to our focus on outreach to University of Texas (and other area college) students, we are available for any need within the greater Austin area, such as:

  • Senior Citizens
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Jail Chaplaincy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Pastoral counseling and referral

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