Pagan Student Alliance at UT Austin
September 30, 2012
Sorry for late updates!

I have been sick, but the PSA has been as active as ever! We had a great turnout at Pagan Pride Day last weekend, and author Ed Fitch gave a great talk on ceremonial magic. He also donated one of his books to our PSA library and led a short ritual for us. If you would like to see the handouts he gave us, you can find them on the resources page. I'd also like to thank everyone for showing up to our ritual today and bringing some fabulous dishes! See you all Wednesday to work on writing our Samhain ritual. Remember, if you have any ideas, to let our Master of Rites and Riches know.

September 10, 2012
Pagan Pride Day

I hope to see everyone at Pagan Pride Day!


September 9, 2012
This site is back.

Hey everyone, the PSA will be using this web site again, so update your bookmarks!

Also, some reminders: Melanie will start taking dues next week (it's $10 for the semester) and would also like your input on the ritual we will be planning for CSA Samhain.

Check out the newly updated calendar for upcoming events!

September 20, 2010
Meeting: Enochian magick

Once again this Wednesday we'll be having a meeting in Gearing 114. We'll be having a guest lecturer Chris come and talk to us about Enochian magick. See you there!

September 17, 2010
Pagan Pride Day!

This coming Sunday (the 19th) is Pagan Pride Day. The Pagan Student Alliance will be heading out to Zilker Park to celebrate, and you're welcome to come too! You can get more information by clicking on our Events tab. We hope to see you there!

September 4, 2010
First Post!

Hi everyone! This is our new website! There's a LOT of content that needs to go in, so please bear with me as I put all of it in. That being said, I'd like to welcome you and encourage you to attend our meetings held in Gearing 117.