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T-Shirt Competition

Each year, the SALSA t-shirt design is selected from submissions sent in by conference participants. If you have any artistic talent, try your hand for this year's design. Design winners get their design featured on the official conference t-shirts, mugs, and program.

Design Requirements

1. Must be original

2. Include the following information: the full name of the conference, Symposium About Language and Society - Austin; the acronym and number, SALSA 18; the conference dates, March 26-28, 2010. You may optionally include the location if you would like: The University of Texas at Austin

3. Must be printable in a MAXIMUM of TWO ink colors

4. Does not need to be for a white t-shirt. Any color will be considered.

Electronic submissions are welcome, as are paper submissions. If you submit electronically, we suggest an Adobe Illustrator image with embedded images and all fonts converted to outlines.

Note that the t-shirt competition is limited to people affiliated with the conference in some way (members of relevant academic departments, i.e. linguistics, communications, anthropology, foreign language education , etc.; conference organization committee members, conference presenters, conference attendees, and so on). Professional designers NOT affiliated with the conference are not invited to make submissions.

If you are not confident of your drawing skills, but have a great idea, just submit it. If your design wins, we will be happy to magically digitize your design in so that the lines are straight, circles circular, squares square, etc. The design that wins the most online votes will be used for the t-shirts at SALSA XVIII. The designer of the winning submission will receive a free t-shirt AND free admission to the conference!

If you have any questions, please contact the t-shirt chair: TBA


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