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A Call for Muslim Solidarity

  A Sit-in Denouncing the Loss of Human Lives & the Sacrilege of Holy Sites across Iraq


The Muslim community at the University of Texas and from all around Austin gathered together on March 3, 2006 at 6:30p.m at the Main Mall for a sit-in, A Call for Muslim Solidarity, denouncing the loss of human lives and the sacrilege of holy sites across Iraq and abroad.

These recent attacks were evidently aimed at provoking violence and thereby destabilizing Iraq. The Muslim community at UT felt that they must send a resounding message of unity and peace to the Iraqi people and to all the people in the world, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike, that Muslims are united and they are with the Iraqi people in these trying times. They also urged all people of conscience to join them in denouncing the violation of sanctity of human life and values in Iraq.

The event was organized by the Muslim Community at UT Austin, including the Muslim Student's Association (MSA), Pakistani Student Association (PSA), and Society for Islamic Awareness (SIA).

The event featured congregational prayers with the Austin Muslim community, presentations by several community leaders and concerned Muslims, and included a video presentation and supplication to close the Sit-In.

About the Sit - In
"A Call for Muslim Solidarity" Sit-In Purpose and Logistics Document - A general document containing information about the Sit-In, its purpose, and its logistics.
Download - pdf | 27 kb | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006
Program for Sit-In - Program handed out during event
Download - pdf | 41 kb | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006

Press Release and Announcements
Press Release - Information released to newspaper publications, news and radio stations.
Download - pdf | 22 kb | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006
Call List RAP - A document with announcement information.
Download - pdf | 18 kb | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006

Educational Handouts

Samarra , Sacrilege, and Violence FAQs - A document handed out at event discussing pertinent questions about the current state of Iraq.
Download - pdf | 9 kb | Updated 03 - 14 - 2006

Media and Presentations

Images and Photography - A slideshow of images taken at the Sit-In.
View - Flash Player Required | 6 mb | Updated 3 - 15- 2006

Video of Sit-In - A video tape of the event. Coming soon.
Flash Presentation - The concluding presentation of the Sit-In.
View - Flash Player Required | 3 MB | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006 | Downloading instructions

Sit-In Dua- An excerpt from Dua of Arafah by Imam Hussain (as) recited during Sit-In event.
Download - pdf | 18 kb | Updated 03 - 12 - 2006

News Coverage

Austin American Statesman - A story about the Sit-In covered in the Austin American Statesman, an Austin, Texas news publication.

The Daily Texan - A story about the Sit-In covered in the Daily Texan, the University of Texas newspaper.
News 8 Austin - Coverage of the event from News 8 Austin, a news channel here in Austin, Texas.


Full Page Flyer
- pdf | 318 kb | Updated 03 - 10 - 2006
Download - jpeg | 124 kb

Small Flyer
Download - jpeg | 61 kb | Updated 03 - 10 - 2006

Special thanks to the Daily Texan for some photography and coverage.

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